Vegan Restaurant and Inspirational Store “El Florecer”

The food served in our Restaurant is plant based cooked with love in a simple and creative way with exotic ingredients. We shape original meals for the body, mind and spirit. Raw and cooked vegetables decorated with fruits, herbs, flowers, oils, honey and pollen from our bees. We serve dancing water with all meals. The ingredients we use come from our bio fields and wild plants from the cloud forest and some ingredients from local farmers and markets.
All work at Refugio Terraza de la Tierra is in harmony and connection with the Universe.
Download our menu here.

Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.-Rumi

Inspirational Store

In our store we want you to feel inspired, to explore the textures, colors and proposals of our artisan collaborators. The products we share are created in Oaxacan lands with natural and organic raw materials, made with nature-friendly techniques. The store is divided into the 7 Toltec directions (east, south, west, north, heart of heaven, heart of earth, and heart of Being) so that in each direction you can connect with the elementals that represent them.

How to arrive?

We are located on the Federal highway Oaxaca-Puerto Angel  km 128. 4km from the town of San José del Pacifico and 1km from the town of La Venta.
If you come in your own car there are signs indicating the entrance and then you have to go down 500 meters along a stone path to the reception, we have a parking lot.
If you come by van from Oaxaca or Pochutla, there are two companies that arrive to the town of San José, are “Lineas Unidas” and “Eclipse 70”. If you come from Oaxaca you can ask the driver to leave you at the entrance on the highway and then walk down to the reception. If you come from Pochutla, Mazunte or Zipolite it is better to get off in San José del Pacífico and take a mototaxi (tuctuc) to the Refuge, the cost goes between 50-70 mx pesos.

💜If you are a visitor, upon entering you will be asked for a collaboration of 40 mx pesos per person to buy trees and help us reforest and you will be given a bottle of our dancing spring water.


A word from Thomas…

The land found me, the divine bring me too this magic Oaxaca mountain in the High cloud rain forest, above the clouds and under the stars.
18 years ago my beautyfull and dear friend Sikita and I rent a amazing house in San Pacho in Nayarit . The land Lord Federico show us around in a very magic way.
He showed us the magic beach hotel 1000 Stars in San Pacho, host beautyful by Maria and Juan in a amazing way, we get very connected and became good friends.
They where speaking about the magic of Oaxaca, the people, Nature and the mountains, how they live there in they young life, and how they meet my amazing dear friend, Don Armando, he has been and is a amazing friend, mentor for the past 16 year.
He had promise the past farmer to find a person that has the power to be the new farmer of this amazing land.

One day, after 3 year, I came again to visit Maria and Juan as a surprise. She said “its my birthday, I know why you are comming and now we will go to the magic Oaxaca and see the land”
We did and right away I had the feeling to be a farmer of Love.

This amazing land with the indigenous Jaco tree, there is secret from the zapotec people, me, hundreds of birds and insects, the Moon tree, 800 year old white Oak whit wild orkids, the Black oak forest, the dorunja red trees, the big pines; they sing like water streams, the tipil tree whit the magic yellow flowers, the Earth with different clays, all the different micro clima that changes when you walk up and down, the mushrooms, they connect the plants, flowers, the trees, animals and us people together.
The hanging plants, peleconios, moss, wild Orkids, they are like the mistery seen garden in paradise.
The Waterfalls, the clear mountains water.
The feeling of God is everywhere inside and outside me.
The magic land speaks to my heart, my freedom and connection whit the Nature.

The foundations for Refugio Terraza de la Tierra is design out of my intuition, In connection whit Nature, to be silence, to receibe people. It was build together with all the amazing local zapotec people, the amazing supporters from all over the would, the guests that bring theire personallity, talents, gifts, beautiful energy and love.
All together we create this amazing place, is build to receibe/connect people, to be in selence, contemplate, share storys and inspire people in many different levels.

All building is in old Oaxaca adobe construction , wood and with old teja and tecca menil.

Blessing, love and gratitude
From all of us.