Activities at the Refugio

A place to live simply. The trails go to different worlds hidden in the mountains. In Terraza de la Tierra everything flourishes. Trees, birds, bees, mushrooms, animals and beautiful people live in harmony. Walking along the river, the fresh air feeds you, going down the mountain paths through valleys with waterfalls and magic stones. A special energy manifests itself in this wonderful place. You can feel it flowing around and inside of you. You breathe in tranquility. Here you can (and should) just – relax and enjoy. If you allow it, you can hear the mountain speak to you in various ways.



Waterfalls and water sources. Access to two main waterfalls “Las Nubes” and “Golondrinas” and the river. Our paths through the forest are signposted.

Plant trees. From May 8 to June 8, 2023 we will plant native trees: Jaco, White Oak, Black Oak, Red Dorunja and Salvia. Every day from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
This is the opportunity to visit these magical mountains, enjoy and connect with all those who support this initiative to plant 4,000 trees this year at the Refuge.

Water Meditation. Every Thursday and Sunday we sit in respect and presence before our spring water and pray to it and chant mantras to increase its vibration. This is the water we served in the restaurant.

Until the cloud does not cry, how can the garden flourish? -Rumi


2 hours long. You will go down to Las Nubes Waterfall with our guide, part of the tour must be done on foot and you will be able to enjoy 30 minutes in the waterfall before starting the return.
For people who have some experience riding horses.
1700 mx pesos per person.

40 minutes ride. A pleasant tour through our pine forest.
Ideal for children and beginners.
700 mx pesos per person.

All our trails through the forest are signposted.
To get to know El Arbol de la Luna you have to walk 20 minutes from the Restaurant.
To get to las Nubes Waterfall you need 1 hour and a half to get there.
To enjoy Las Golondrinas Waterfall it will take you more than 2 hours to get there.

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Healing and Wellbeing

Our teachers share a smooth and harmonious yoga, for all levels of learning. Every day at 9am and 5pm in our yoga pyramid.
150mx pesos per person. (Private class of 2 hours, 500 mx pesos)

Thanks to the Universal Energy and the wisdom of the crystals, I am a channel to realign and balance the chakras and other disorders of our bodies.
Crystals are our teachers for bringing into consciousness the information that needs to be integrated.
Individual session from 1.5 to 2 hours. 938 mx pesos.

Physical and energetic cleaning of the ears, throat and paranasal sinuses.
Includes energy realignment through reiki.
Not recommended for people with hearing aids, eardrum perforation and severe ear infections.
Individual session of 1 hour. 700 mx pesos

The akasha is one of our subtle bodies where all the information of our soul is found, of this life and past lives. Through channeling and your
permission, I bring all the information that needs to be known and
integrated, sometimes your guides, angels or transcendent loved ones are present to share something with us.
Everything in the universe contains energy therefore information, so if you would like to open the records of a project or company, a house, a pet, it is
also possible.
You can bring 5 questions to the session, (we do not ask about the future because time does not exist in the akasha, nor about “what should I do in X situation”, because the guides cannot intervene in our free will and tell us what to do).
It can be face-to-face or online.
*Includes recorded session to relisten in the future.
619 mx pesos. 1 hour aprox.

It comes from the term temazcalli in Nahuatl, “temaz” means steam and house “calli”, so it is literally the steam house. It is also known as the womb of Mother Earth.
The volcanic stones are heated on a fire and taken to the temazcal, where an infusion of aromatic and medicinal herbs is poured over the hot stones, creating steam.
The ceremony offers a space for you to come into contact with the elements, to connect with yourself in the dark, to release toxins by activating your lymphatic system, and to access the transformative power that rituals can bring to our lives.
Throughout Mesoamerica, the temazcal was used for hygienic, ritualistic, therapeutic, and spiritual purposes, and in fact, throughout the world, indigenous cultures were aware of the healing properties of sweat and used this ancient technique to cure a wide range of illnesses.
Sundays at 11am
Cost 400 mx pesos per person.
We ask for a minimum of 5 people to carry out the Temazcal, so it is necessary to book your place in advance.

Small steam house, maximum capacity 3 people. Stones are heated and then water with herbs is poured.
100 mx pesos per person.
It is necessary to book at the reception 2 hours in advance.

Hot water with healing herbs to soak your feet and relax after a day of walking.
100 mx pesos.

Every day 8am
Free for guests

There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the earth. -Rumi